Aurora Enkeli Medeis (aurora_enkeli) wrote in drarry100,
Aurora Enkeli Medeis

Title: Always There
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
Challenge: ‘Starry Nights’
Warnings: so sweet that nearby bowls of sugar may vomit.
Author Notes: I didn’t want to be so sweet with this …but it’s angsty in it’s own way

- - -

Harry’s head was on Draco’s chest, the blonde’s fingers running through Harry’s hair. Draco was picking out constellations, silently pleased at his own knowledge. He’d thought Harry was asleep until he muttered,

”Is he up there tonight?”

Draco smiled softly and pointed. Harry looked up and followed Draco’s finger.

“Right there- Sirius. Looking down on you as always.”

Harry sighed, rolling onto his back.

“I’m glad you know where he is,” Harry said and Draco looked over at him.


“Because, I know you’re always going to be with me so I’m always going to be able to find him.”

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