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Drabble- 'My Hero'

Title: My Hero
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
Challenge: #3- Alcohol
Warnings: drunken!falling over!Draco Malfoy
Author Notes: Was going to do something angsty but the thought never came so you get this instead. Oh yeah, Harry and Draco live in one of those houses where you come in the hallway and go down to some of the rooms makes sense in my head!




- - -




Draco Malfoy, ever graceful pureblood tumbled down five stairs and landed on his arse. Head spinning, he lolled backwards instead of standing up, head resting on one of the stairs.


“You and Blaise had fun then?” Harry said, wandering out the living room. Draco grinned and Blaise slid down the banister. “Staying tonight?” Blaise nodded, “well you know where to go.”


Blaise ambled off leaving Harry to scoop Draco up from the stairs. Draco slung an arm around Harry’s neck, pressing sloppy kisses to Harry’s cheek.


“My hero,” Draco slurred. Harry rolled his eyes but smiled all the same.


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