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The Drarry100

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There is a mass amount of '100' communities on livejournal as you may be well aware. Recently cs_whitewolf and I, aurora_enkeli, formed the ic100 community. She then formed snarry100 and at the prompting of my good friend bouncy (who plays her part in helping with challenges!) I formed this community for Drarry drabbles. As with the hp100 everything here will be drabbles of 100 words in length. Each drabble, of course, must have Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter as the main pairing. Any other secondary characters/pairings are allowed after that.

Challenges will be posted every Saturday evening (that's Scottish time, folks) and will run for seven days. However, if, during the course of the week, you are mauled by an unshiftably rabid plot bunny for a non-challenge 100 word drabble then please write it! Then come and post it here so we can all marvel at your brilliance. All I ask is that you please follow this pattern when posting:

Word count: (100, if you please)
Warnings: (if aplicable)
Author Notes: (if required)

All ratings/warnings are allowed, the higher the better in many cases. It's that simple really! I do ask that you take the time after reading drabbles to leave even the briefest of comments. As you all know, fanfiction authors live off feedback and some of us even use it as a substitute to various addictive substances (e.g. caffiene, nicotine, alcohol, candle wax, flavoured water e.t.c.)

Happy Drarry drabbling sweethearts.
Aurora Enkeli Medeis.

Drarry is love
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Interested in being affliated? Leave a message here on the community, at my own livejournal (aurora_enkeli), or drop me an email at aurora_enkeli_medeis@yahoo.co.uk