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Title: That Which He Loved
Author: fakers_journal
Rating: Eh. Parental Guidance Suggested.
Genre: Angst -sobs-.
Warnings: Character death.
Challenge: #4, Musica.
Word Count: 99 -pfft-.
Disclaimer: Let's put it this way: Jo is god, and I am a puppet master.
Summary: Harry talks a bit about Draco's habit of singing softly.
Notes: This is my first EVER drabble, so forgive any...Edgar Allan Poe-ness.

I can see him, making beautiful noises with his mouth, either to music or because of something else entirely. I can remember sotto voce murmurs of lost love and glory days under his breath.

I wanted to sing along, but my voice refused to. How badly I wanted to join him in that which he loved. I wanted it so terribly much that I simply could not have it.

Now, he sings no more. Those lips, the same pair that created mystery and charm, are cold and blue.

My days are lonely and quiet.

I turn on the radio.


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